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Lightning Policy

During the course of a scheduled RAA event at Riverside Park, players,coaches, umpires and other people involved with the event are required to comply with the following procedures to ensure the safety of all people participating in the RAA event. 

  1. When the ThorGaurd lightning detection system at Riverside Park sounds (alert of dangerous conditions is made through an audible horn blast lasting ~ 15 seconds) ALL players, officials and other people associated with the RAA event must stop play or activity of the action and seek safe shelter. Safe shelter must be maintained while the strobe light on the ThorGuard system is flashing. Clearing and returning to the field is a shared responsibility,  responsibility between all coaches, umpires and volunteer parents. 
  2. Upon hearing the "All Clear" ThorGuard signal (three 5-second horn blasts) and the cessation of the ThorGuard flashing strobe, play or >> the scheduled activity may resume. In the instance that the ThorGuard system repeats the threat of danger alert, the field must be again cleared, with all people taking safe shelter.
  3. In the event that lightning is seen and/or thunder is heard, but the ThorGuard system does not sound, all participants (stated in section 1, above)  in the RAA event are required to suspend play/activity of the event. While the ThorGuard system is not sensing that the field area is a potential cell of danger, the visibility of lightning present still creates the potential for a lightning strike.  A time period of 15 minutes should be waited until the last lightning in the sky is seen or thunder is heard. This decision will be reached through mutual consent of the teams present or through direction of an RAA board member.
  4. When in doubt of determining if it is safe to re-use the field, play should be post-poned and the game or activity decided by the amount of play or if it will be made up.  Report any instances of game interruption to the RAA board.
  5. The coach of the team who is designated as the home team per schedule listing is responsible for checking to assure that the ThorGuard blue indicator light is lit, assuring that the ThorGuard System is working.

* The ThorGuard system is located at the far end of Riverside Field closest to Pennsylvania Avenue.  The system sits atop of a brown shed-like building that is right next to the parking lot that is accessed off of Pennsylvania.

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