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What are we about?

The mission of the Riverview Athletic Association is to bring together the residents and students of the Oakmont and Verona communities to promote civic pride, good sportsmanship, physical fitness and athletic skills through participation in basketball, baseball/softball, football and other youth programs.

Good sportsmanship is a critical part of our program.  Players, coaches and parents alike have a responsibility to demonstrate the best sportsmanship possible.  Long after the thrill of victory has subsided, the lessons of good sportsmanship remain and serve as building blocks for player development.

We are a 100% volunteer managed and staffed organization - get involved and make a difference.  We are always looking for help!



  • Registration: Dec - Feb
  • Clinics:  March
  • In-House Practices:  Mar - Apr
  • In-House Games:  Apr - June
  • Travel Team Games:  July


Flag Football

  • Registration: Jun - Aug
  • Clinics:  August
  • Practices:  August
  • League Games:  Sept- Oct
  • Playoffs:  October

Featured News

  • New Coaches

    Image If you have never coached in the RAA before, there is a form you need to submit to the RAA for approval before you can coach.  This form authorizes us to conduct a background check for criminal records and child abuse history clearance.  Please note - this only needs to be done once .

    The RAA will handle submitting the forms and the associated fees.  These will be resubmitted periodically in the future to keep your clearance verification up to date.

    Coach Authorization Form

  • Fundraising

    Fundraising is a crucial component to the success of the RAA.  We have done our best over the years to balance registration fees with aggressive fundraising to keep our programs affordable for all of our area youth.  We rely on 2 major fundraisers each year coupled with grants and sponsorship subsidies for our sports programs to remain viable.

    Spring Fundraiser

    While the format varies from year to year, this fundraiser generally occurs in mid-March.  We've been fortunate that we've been able to get

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  • Scholarship

    In 2010, the RAA launched a scholarship program to recognize past players in the RAA to assist them with their expenses in their college education.  These scholarships are awarded on a number of criteria including an essay.

    In 2011, we have chosen to rename the scholarship to " The RAA Sports/David Anderson Memorial Scholarship " to honor David Anderson's memory.  His attitude embodied what the RAA board believes - hard work and putting the kids first. Following is a press release that coincided with the dedicated

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Baseball and Softball registration for this season is now closed.  Thank you to all whom have registered.

We are hard at work compiling the registration information and will be holding our player drafts soon.  Our coaches collectively rank the players based on skills and ability so we can divide the talent equally among the teams.

Players will be contacted soon about practices to begin honing those skills for the new season.

RAA Baseball/Softball

  • About

    The RAA Baseball and Softball Program is open to all of our area youth from ages 5 through 17.  We do NOT limit participation in our program to only Oakmont and Verona residents.

    Our in-house season starts on the 3rd Saturday in April and ends the last Saturday in June.  Practices start roughly 3 weeks prior to the season.  Our Travel Team season runs from late June through July.

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  • Info

    • Gray Pants are MANDATORY for T-Ball, Mgr Pitch leagues and Minors.
    • Players are responsible for providing their own pants.
    • The RAA provides shirts and hats/visors for the following leagues: T-Ball, Manager Pitch, Minors, Majors, Pony.
    • Complete uniforms are provided for all Fast Pitch, Colt and Legion leagues.
  • Ages

    Age by
    Boys/Girls T-Ball 5-6 4/30
    Boys Mgr Pitch (A) 7-8 4/30
    Boys Minors (AA) 9-10 4/30
    Boys Majors (AAA) 11-12 4/30
    Boys Pony 13-14 4/30
    Boys Colt 15-17 8/1
    Boys Legion 15-19 8/1
    Girls 8u Mgr Pitch 8U 1/1
    Girls 10U FP 10U 1/1
    Girls 12U FP 12U 1/1
    Girls 15U FP 15U 1/1
    Girls 18U FP 18U 1/1
    8U Boys Travel 7-8 4/30
    10U Boys Travel 9-10 4/30
    12U Boys Travel 11-12 4/30
  • Fees

    Check Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF) $25.00

    T-Ball League: $ 40.00
    Manager Pitch (A) $ 80.00
    Minors (AA) $ 80.00
    Majors (AAA) $ 80.00
    8u Manager Pitch $ 80.00
    10u & 12u Fastpitch $ 80.00
    Pony & Colt $100.00
    15U Fastpitch $100.00
    18U Fastpitch $100.00
    Amer Legion $120.00
    Colt & Am.Legion $185.00
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RAA Basketball

  • About

    RAA Basketball League is open to all area youth in grades 1 through 6. It is a recreational league with the object to give kids a basic understanding of the game of basketball. It is a great introduction to the game with an emphasis fundamentals and fun.

    Registration is in October and November and the season begins in January and ends in late February.

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  • Info

    • The RAA provides shirts for all in-house leagues.
    • Players are responsible for their own shorts and shoes.
    • Complete uniforms are provided for all travel leagues.

    NOTE: All tournament (travelling) team members must reside in Oakmont or Verona or attend a school in the district to be eligible.

  • Ages

    RAA Basketball is played by grade level. Player age is not a factor.

    Boys 1/2 1st & 2nd
    Girls 1/2 1st & 2nd
    Boys 3/4 3rd & 4th
    Girls 3/4 3rd & 4th
    Boys 5/6 5th & 6th
    Girls 5/6 5th & 6th
    Boys 5th Travel 5th
    Girls 5th Travel 5th
    Boys 6th Travel 6th
    Girls 6th Travel 6th
  • Fees

    Check Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF) $25.00

    Grades 1 & 2 $ 60.00
    Grades 3 & 4 $ 60.00
    Grades 5 & 6 $ 80.00

    5th/6th Grade League has paid referees.

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RAA Flag Football

  • About

    RAA Boys Flag Football League is open to all area boys in grades 3 through 6. It is a recreational league with the object to give kids a basic understanding of the game of football. It is a great introduction to the game with an emphasis on fun.

    Season begins in late August and ends mid-late October.

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  • Info

    • The RAA provides shirts and mouth guards for players. Players MUST wear mouth guards to be eligible to play.
    • Players are responsible for their own shorts and shoes.
    • Molded (plastic) cleats are recommended. No metal cleats allowed.
  • Ages

    Flag Football is played by grade level.  Player age is not a factor.

    Boys 3/4 3rd & 4th
    Boys 5/6 5th & 6th
  • Fees

    Check Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF) $25.00

    Grades 3 & 4 $ 30.00
    Grades 5 & 6 $ 30.00
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