RAA Cross Country News

The RAA Cross Country Program is open to all of our area youth from grades 3-6. We do NOT limit participation in our program to only Oakmont and Verona residents.

Cross Country Information

  • Roughly 4-6 races per season
  • The races are a blast and only last about 10-15 minutes, however big races are half day events. Please plan to spend 3+ hours on race day.
  • Dates and Times To Be Determined
  • Most races are Sundays. A few on Saturdays.
  • Locations: Frick Park, Schenley Park, Riverside Park in Oakmont, and more.
  • Parents must arrange transportation to all races and practices.

Cross Country

Grades 4-6

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  • Position names and locations
  • Basic fielder assignments
  • Base running basics
  • Batter's box orientation
  • Batting stance/grip
  • Direct downward swing plane
  • Basic catching zones
  • Glove position (forehand/backhand/high/low)
  • Fielding grounders
  • Proper ball grip
  • Proper throw
  • Playing catch correctly