RAA Baseball

The RAA Baseball Program is open to all of our area youth from ages 5 through 12. We do NOT limit participation in our program to only Oakmont and Verona residents.

Baseball Information

  • Players are responsible for providing their own pants.
  • The RAA provides shirts and hats for all levels.


Boys & Girls 4-6

Often a child's first introduction to the game.  Using a soft compression ball and with the help of fun and fundamentals, our tee-ball level strives to provide a positive introduction to baseball and softball.

  • Position names and locations
  • Basic fielder assignments
  • Base running basics
  • Batter's box orientation
  • Batting stance/grip
  • Basic catching zones
  • Glove position (forehand/backhand/high/low)
  • Fielding grounders
  • Proper ball grip
  • Proper throw
  • Playing catch correctly

Manager Pitch

co-ed 6-8

Introduction to live-pitch baseball.  Players are pitched to by the coaches and graduate to a hard baseball.  Gameplay is structured more like traditional baseball but with no stealing, bunting, or base on balls.  Teams may play both in-house and cross-community.

  • Improve T-Ball concepts
  • Comfort with hard ball
  • Force outs vs. tag outs
  • Intermediate base running & decisions
  • Intermediate fielder assignments
  • Basic load in sync with live pitcher (gentle coach-pitch)
  • Defensive situational awareness


Boys 9-10

The first level of what most consider traditional "little league" style baseball.  Kids do the pitching and stealing is allowed.  Teams play both in-house and cross-community.

  • Improve Youth concepts
  • Catching fly balls/basic OF skills
  • Extra base hits and base running/sliding
  • Pitch selection
  • Catcher position & safety
  • Cutoffs/relays
  • Tagging up



Continuing to evolve players skills and levels, bases move to 70 feet and pitchers throw from 50 feet.  Leading and stealing prior to the pitch is allowed.  Most commonly referred to as "bronco style", majors takes another step toward a complete baseball game with both field dimensions and playing rules.  Teams play both in-house and cross-community.

  • Improve Minors concepts
  • Secondary leads/steals
  • Reading passed balls & batted balls
  • Improve cuts/relays
  • Intermediate catcher skills
  • Proper tagging of runners at bases
  • Reading signs
  • Managing at-bats
  • Basic pitching mechanics & grips (2-seam, 4-seam, changeup)
  • Basic OF play
  • Hierarchy of positions
  • Handling winning & losing


Boys 13-14

Junior Legion

Boys 13-16


Boys 15-18