1. Do you coach each game like it's a NCAA FINAL FOUR GAME and lose focus on the real intent?
  2. Do you place TOO MUCH focus on winning?
  3. Do you make the refs calls from the bench but only see the opposing teams infractions?
  4. Do you teach your players GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP or blame that 23 point loss on the refs?
  5. Are you a real role model in victory and defeat for your players and team?
  6. Are you aware of your parents as well as your players actions both on and off the court?
  7. Are you aware of any parents or players that may have addressed another coach, parent, or ref in a negative way?
  8. Do you handle negative parent conduct in any form with other players, coaches, or refs during a game and how do you address it?
  9. Are you always setting the right example?
  10. Do you try to develop all players skills and equalize playing time when possible to make the experience fun and enjoyable?
  11. Do you openly shout out instructions to your players to embarrass or expose weakness of the opposing players?
  12. Do you verbally/openly degrade less talented players by yelling out instructions like...Push em to the left?
  13. Do you let players or fans cheer when an opposing player fouls out of a game or misses a free throw?
  14. Do you take time to express your expectations to the refs and the skill level of your team with the other coach and refs before the game so everyone is on the same page?
  15. How do you assist the player, the parents for the player that has that occasional "meltdown" on the court when things do not always go the player's or team's way?
  16. How do you handle the player that's too emotional, cries, falls to the floor often, and appears injured frequently?
  17. Players sometimes do become injured but in appropriate unchecked situations it can incite emotion of opposing players, coaches, parents and the refs...think about it.
  18. Do you know and teach the proper technique on picks and screens to avoid the risk of injury to the opposing players?
  19. Do you take the time and effort to update your knowledge of the Rules of Basketball and not think you remember the rules from when you played or previously coached?
  20. Do you and your team have a good relationship and sportsmanship with mutual respect with everyone (Opposing Coaches-Players-Parents AND refs)?  We will all be true winners then!

Revised January 1, 2016

The following will serve to outline rules, regulations and guidelines.