We're looking forward to having everyone back in 2022.

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Roundball Information

  • Round Robin format with 3 games guaranteed.
  • Top teams will advance to the playoff round
  • Entry fee $200 per team
  • R.S.V.P. by Month XX, XXXX

Tournament Rules

  1. PIAA rules govern. 5th & 6th grades are mixed.
  2. Round robin play with winning team (or teams) advancing to playoffs/championship.
  3. Four, 6 minute quarters.
  4. Three time outs per game, no carry over into overtime. One time out per each overtime with no carryovers. All time outs are 45 seconds long.
  5. Two minute overtime period.
  6. Tournament Sponsor will provide official score book.
  7. Schedule tournament times and dates will be final. No show= forfeit.
  8. Riverview Athletic Association and Riverview school District assume no responsibility for injury or property loss.
  9. Coaches are responsible for all actions of players and/or fans. Coaches or players receiving two technical fouls in a game will be ejected and suspended for one game.
  10. Maximum of 15 players per team. Only players listed on the roster can play. No player on a roster for one team can play or be listed on a roster for another team. No exceptions.
  11. Tie breakers are as follows:
    1. Head to head
    2. Least total points given up in all games.
    3. Most total points scored in all games.
    4. Point difference in games involving teams that are tied.
    5. Tournament committee decision that will be final.